The Valanga di Vita means the Landslide of Life. This was the university nickname of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and ended up on the cover of a book by Marino Codi of Don Bosco.  Click the P to learn more about Frassati.


The title eventually ended up on a form filed with the Delaware Secretary of State. This seems to indicate that Blessed Pier Giorgio is the de facto director of the company. The Valanga di Vita Company Inc. is a 501c3 public service organization.  The Company has yearly administrative expenses of just about $100, $35 a year for the hosting and $50 to renew the company in Delaware and preserve its federal status as a public service organization.  


The Lot Radio was the conduit between the Valanga and Engelblau, who apparently wishes to guide the endeavor, whose icon is the painting "Engel lauschens" by Swiss painter Paul Klee who like Frassati died untimely of a wasting disease.  Engelblau the DJ also died untimely as a matter of fact. Click the L for more info.


The U is for the Double U companies, aka matilda's monetine mondiali, a payment portal which is now the Uriel University Educational System for anyone who needs it.   There is a vast body of intellectual material that comprises the university. The U is temporarily linked to an ethiopian celebration of Uriel archangel, since in Africa the devotion continued undisturbed by European schisms.


The G is for the Garden of Eden or paradise, a place we all belong.  For "it is not the will of my Father that a single one of these be lost." This was studied by Thoreau. Click the G for more info.