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the valanga di vita Inc is a 501c3 public service organization.  

We are building paradise together, with our friends:

friends in Chelsea,Greenpoint, Midtown, Ozone Park,: the Leo House, the Lot Radio, Frassati Fellowship, St Colomba Church, our Lady of Guadalupe Church, The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Romeo Pizza, baskin Robbins ice cream, Casa del Sagrado Corazon de Beata Petra de San Jose del Monte, The Bergamot, Taco Bell, Dunkin Doughnuts, Joe's Coffee, Starbucks, Rite Aid, CVS, Lucky Burger, Barnes and Nobles, Zia Maria, The Chelsea Square Diner, Megabus snack cart, Venchi's ice cream, 


EWHO:  Engelblau is the personification of the angel in this painting, titled "the listening angel" by Paul Klee.   Just as German philosopher Walter Benjamin adopted Klee's Angelus Novus and baptized it as the angel of history, so the Valanga di Vita has adopted Engelblau. Engelblau is the angel listening at God's door in Paradise and passing on what he hears. As an educational program, this might be called "Angelic Apprenticeship."

The middle school curriculum focuses on The Lord of the Rings and its historical context, scientific, economic, philosophical etc. The high school curriculum is modeled after Pasolini's suggestions in "I giovani infelici.  Moreover, in order to grasp the agenda of Pier giorgio Frassati and how it may answer the question of Pier Paolo Pasolini, it might be expedient to take Frassati's volcano curriculum, which he studied at the University: geology, volcanology astronomy, physics.  The disciples of Jesus spent three years in his company, though traditional college lasts four years instead.   But it is not necessary to believe in any particular religion to follow engel.

tWHERE?  At Uriel University's Education to Eden.  To get from the wild wood back to the glad gardens an adult entering the skandalon program, it might be easiest to think of it in terms of Linden woods, cf Kerouac in his Ozone park phase, or : Thoreau: why I went to the woods, Dante, I got lost in the woods, Pasolini, I'll never get out of the woods, Tolkien, the trees were here, but they moved, 

WHAT. What does engelblau want to do?  Grant permanent residence in paradise, angelic asylum for everyone.

WHEN:   You can sign on with Engel anytime; classes are designed for a trimester schedule with four weeks of vacation per year, siestas are encouraged, closed Sundays for festivities.